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The CarEIn Project (funded by the Europan Union) aimed at elaborating a learning environment based on Web 2.0 which will help health and care assistance workers to acquire competences on EI in order to improve the quality of their daily activities and, as a consequence, to improve the quality of life of health and care sector beneficiaries.

The Foundation was a Partner in the Project and subsequently developed an interactive Emotional Intelligence Training Course that we are offering to individuals and organisation. The course can be downloaded (size 8.152 MB)

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Emotional Intelligence and the Elderly
An Introduction for Teachers - only £3.50
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The intention of this short course for teachers is to raise awareness of the relationship between Emotional Intelligence and the Elderly. It is assumed that teachers and lecturers have some knowledge of the impact of Emotional Intelligence (EI) on cultural, social and educational relationships. The histories associated with the development of EI are well-known but often seem only to be applied to the workplace. This course aims to focus on how EI can have a profound influence on how older people and their communities are perceived. Additionally, it also considers how individual lifestyle, choices and relationships can benefit from raising awareness of EI in the Elderly.

The course is a downloadable pdf file.


An Introduction to Emotional Intelligence and Ageing
(for Elderly Students)
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This short course intends to promote well-being, motivate and illustrate the importance of using EI to contribute to a long and life fulfilling retirement. It celebrates empathy but also independence and the right to follow a quiet life if that’s how you want to live. There are no compulsory exercises to complete – the underlying theme is to be aware of how you feel in the company of others or, if you chose, in your own company.

No one can provide all the answers as to how to manage ageing. This short course recognises difference and the importance of being able to make your own decisions. There’s no factory clock ticking the hours away. At this stage of your life, you may have the freedom to think or, perhaps, to engage with the community you live in. As I’ve said – this is your choice – you chose what to do next. The course is a downloadable pdf file.


Zen and the Art of Aging - only £5.00         BUy Now - Click Here

Emotional Intelligence (ei) is all about how we relate to, and interact with, each other and the human and natural environment. It is a collective and creative means of exploring our inner and external worlds. There are no boundaries or barriers to this exploration – it is, quite simply, just another way of trying to make sense of how we live our lives. Zen and the Art of Ageing is one means of exploring this relationship. Life is a journey – how we choose to live it is a matter of personal choice. There is no right or wrong way of completing this journey. There are no bags to check-in, no passport to share, and no restrictions of what liquids you are allowed to carry or to consume.

There are very few identity checks or questions to be answered. And, unlike flying, sailing or travelling by Stress Reductiontrain, there are no restrictions on time. Time is a human constraint and could be perceived as a figment of the human condition. So, EI is an opportunity – not a restriction on how you should behave as you work your way through life. There are other approaches available – no one has all the answers and there are many different ways to explore the relationship between life and emotions - Zen and the Art of Ageing looks at life and EI from an ageing perspective. The course is a downloadable pdf file.


Stress Reduction Course (Managing Stress) - only £3.50   Buy Now - Click Here

A new and innovative way to assess your personal stress levels linked to real and practical approaches to reducing stress developed by The Foundation and The Bristol Cancer Help Centre. Using holistic and alternative medicine strategies Managing Stress gives you the opportunity to develop short, medium and long term solutions leading to a less stressful life. Stressed out person

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Featuring a high degree of interactivity and numerous Internet links, Managing Stress has been developed after months of research into what causes stress and how it can be reduced. Based on the growing need to find alternative remedies to tranquillisers and avoiding Quick-fix solutions, Managing Stress provides you with a gateway to a less stressful future. 53 individual sections make up the course.

The downloadable course contains information, scenarios and information links. (size 10,012 MB)

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Sign with Me - only £5.00      Buy Now - Click Here
(ISBN 978-0-9563791-5-3)

The course uses British Sign Language (BSL) and was designed for the hearing impaired of any age. The course includes over 57 essential phrases.

The course is a unique and totally new approach to teaching Sign. Designed for use by members of the hearing community, the course uses a series of 57 video clips to show the learner exactly how key words and phrases can be used to communicate with the deaf. Created for use by personnel including receptionists, doctors, nurses, waiters, waitresses, retail and travel staff, the course aims to break through the barriers often created through misunderstandings between the deaf and hearing communities. Supported by sections designed to make signing fun.

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The European Union part funded the development of this basic on-line Sign Language course, available in British Sign Language (BSL) for those people who will come in to contact with people with a hearing disability so they will be able to communicate effectively with them – this could be family members, employers or trainers. Deafness has the effect of isolating the individual from society both economically and socially.

 The project aims to reduce exclusion and, using the latest Sign with Mecommunication technologies, encourage societal mainstreaming and integration of the individual to enable him/her to work and/or train alongside their able bodied peers. (size 20,294 MB)



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Work it Out: Dealing with Bullying at Work - only £5.00
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The research we undertook in both the US and UK highlighted a need to make available to those about to leave school and move into work resources to enable them to deal with the issue, should it arise, of conflict/bullying behaviour in the workplace.

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As a result we have developed an interactive downloadable course for school leavers who are entering the workplace. The course deals with the transition and assists school leavers in identifying bullying behaviour within a work environment, as it can be different from bullying at school, and how to deal with it.
Work it Out - CD Cover
This interactive course has been extensively trialled in schools and has been the subject focus group discussion to ensure its relevance and usability for users and contains information, scenarios and information links. (size 10,043 MB)


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